Technical University of Denmark


Meet the Team

Current Members

Lars A. Buchhave

Characterizing exoplanets with emphasis on terrestrial planets, super-Earths, and sub-Neptunes

“My main research interests encompass discovery, validation, and precise mass measurements of transiting and non-transiting planets to understand their composition and structure and observation and characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres. Additionally, I am interested in host star metallicities and how these affect planet formation.”

João M. Mendonça
Senior Researcher

General theory of planetary atmospheres & planetary modeler

“My research focuses mainly on the development of models to understand planetary climates and atmospheric circulations, to search and characterize Earth-like exoplanets and look for signs of life on habitable worlds.”

Hannah Diamond-Lowe
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ground- and space-based observations of small exoplanets

“There are more planets than stars in the Milky Way, and Earth-sized exoplanets are the most common. Fully understanding the nature of these worlds requires exploring their atmospheres. I observe the terrestrial exoplanets closest to us at optical and infrared wavelengths in order to measure their atmospheric properties.”

Thea Kozakis
Postdoctoral Fellow

“My research focuses on modeling the climate and photochemistry of terrestrial planetary atmospheres to study how signs of life would change around different host stars. I am also particularly interested in planetary systems around white dwarfs.”

Wencheng Shao

“I mainly use theoretical modelling to study how different atmospheric processes operate together on terrestrial planets. These processes include clouds, atmospheric dynamics and chemistry. I aim to well understand the climate variabilities, climate evolution and habitability on terrestrial planets.”



Andrew Mayo
Former PhD Student – Now at University of California, Berkeley
René Tronsgaard Rasmussen
Former PhD Student – Now at Aarhus University
Alexander Dybdahl Rathcke
Former PhD Student – Now at Harvard University
Aaron Bello-Arufe
Former PhD Student – Now at Jet Propulsion Laboratory